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Simple Wishes 吸乳器專用免手持內衣


~* 不用再擔心麻煩+手痠囉 *~

~*  上班、化妝、上網、看雜誌皆適宜 *~

      有兩個尺寸可選 =>
1.XS - L (通常亞洲人比較常拿這個尺寸)
2. L - Plus size

有兩種顏色可選 =>
1. 黑 BLACK
2. 粉

Simple Wishes Hands Free 免手扶持輔助內衣/輔助胸罩
=> 適合搭配Avent 美樂 貝瑞克 單邊+雙邊電動吸乳器


1. 我強力推薦這款hands free breastpump bras-手就不用一直扶著pump, 可以上網, 滑手機, 時間很快就過去了! 加油加油!

2. When I first started pumping, I grabbed a $30-something Medela bra from Target. Biggest mistake ever. Within three months, the zipper was busted.I consulted a local mommy Facebook group about their favorite pumping bras and this came up several times, so I went with it.I absolutely love it. The construction and thick fabric are much higher quality, and for a similar price point as the Medela. You can adjust it with Velcro in the back, as well as with a zipper insert in the front. The nipple slits give a little extra coverage. There are optional straps. You can wear it zipper down or zipper up. It really is wonderful, and I'm sure it'll last much longer than three months!

3. I originally purchased the Medela hands free bra and found it very difficult to put on even after using it for months. I recently switched to a non-medela pump (the Spectra S2, which has been so much better than my Medela freestyle), I had to get a new bra because the flanges on my new pump don't detach the way the medela flanges do. Because the Medela bra only has small circles cut out at the nipples, you can only use it with flanges that detach. Strike 2 for that bra. I am so much happier with the Simple Wishes bra and wish I'd had it from the start. The material is thicker, softer and so much more supportive than the Medela bra and I love that it is customizable in the front and back to accommodate different sizes. The best part is that the opening in the nipple part of the bra comfortably and securely fits my Spectra flanges.

4. Lifesaver!


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